Is my hair reduction normal? (18 several years previous)?

Issue by Casey V: Is my hair reduction normal? (eighteen many years outdated)?
I have quite ruined and dry hair due to preceding habits of straightening nearly five occasions a week for 2-three several years and dying my hair after a year.

So to make confident my hair grows out typical, and to aid my “currently dry” hair, I recently adopted a hair washing habit of one-two instances a week. (I bathe virtually each day but I do not wash my hair most of the time so the all-natural oils occur back to my dry hair)

I recently noticed, right after adopting this new regimen, I have a lot of hair loss. Every day I drop maybe fifty extended, thick strands that have roots on them nonetheless (from taking off my ponytail) and when I clean my hair, I shed virtually one hundred hairs at after! It truly is scary to me.

My family members has no hair decline genetics that I know of. None of the women in my loved ones have hair loss problems.

I am not certain if this standard because I utilized to have really short hair & I used to clean it each and every other day and i never ever tied it up as a lot as I do now so I would seldom see my hair slipping out. I also tie my hair for most several hours of the day because I don’t like dealing with my hair becoming everywhere.

I am pondering if my hair decline is normal or abnormal to the level where I need to get it checked out. Thanks!

Also if anyone can advocate any treatment options or nutritional vitamins to take for preventing hair decline, that’ll be incredible!

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Reply by Chloe
If it’s like huge massive clumps of hair then first get your self checked over simply because tons of things can cause hair loss so it’s very best to be protected than sorry. It could be thanks to a poor diet, crappy shampoo or plenty of anxiety. You can assist out by using hair masks with banana and avocado, or honey with olive oil. If you can, go to the beyas website on-line and get their argan oil, its silicone cost-free so its the best for hair and its very mild. That things will help hair to develop out stronger and stops a lot more hair loss, my mom utilised it a whilst back and it labored for her.

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