Is ROGAINE truly excellent for hair reduction in guys.?

Question by klajdishamo: Is ROGAINE really good for hair loss in men.?
Can you give me a list of the best hair loss products in USA.

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Answer by Bosley

Propecia and Avodart are products that have been known for effectively treating hair loss in men, but do not necessarily treat a receding hairline. There are creams, pills, transplants, etc, so before you select a treatment I would recommend finding out the exact reason to why you are experiencing hair loss in the first place. If you are under stress or seeing a hormonal imbalance, it could be many reasons. In any case, I’d suggest scheduling a free consultation with a Bosley physician at one of our many regional offices (all listed on our website).

Our people are hair loss experts who can diagnose the specific cause of your case & recommend appropriate treatment options. Best of all, the consults are conducted free of charge so at the very least you receive the information you need to move forward in addressing your problem without having to spend a dime for it.

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