Is sixteen as well young to get a meaningful tattoo?

Concern by Katelyn: Is 16 way too younger to get a meaningful tattoo?
Is 16 as well youthful to get a significant tattoo? My mom stated that I’m permitted to get this tattoo when I’m 16 and she’ll even pay for it. I will be a sophomore in HS. It’s of the NAAF tree. My sister has Alopecia a autoimmune disease. She has and usually will have it her whole existence. She is seventeen and has a tattoo of it on her ankle. I would get it on my still left shoulder/again. My older brother and other sister want it as properly. It’s one thing that I would in no way regret but am I as well youthful? If you saw a 16 yr outdated with a tattoo what would you believe?.

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Solution by Emily Ng
Not genuinely

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