is the blend of two hairless genes lethal for human beings?

Issue by Flabbergasted: is the combination of two hairless genes deadly for humans?
like how it is for chinese crested canine. if not, are there other genes that are the very same and can not be combined collectively that demonstrate deadly if they are?

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No, miho… people and canines are distinctly various animals and our “hairless” genes are caused by diverse items. The human “hairless” genes much more closely mirror the types in mice than they do in canines.

If both human mother and father move on copies of the genes that cause atrichia or alopecia to their offspring, they end up with a bald little one, not a lifeless one.

Are there other genes the place two copies of the gene show fatal? Sure, there are tons of them. With out significant and consistent health care intervention, cystic fibrosis is lethal. Fanconi anemia is also usually lethal without considerable medical treatment method (this kind of as a full alternative of the bone marrow). Hydrolethalus syndrome is a specifically gruesome small genetic death sentence (most afflicted with it die prior to start).

There are numerous recessive genes that are deadly to offspring if expressed, but at least in humans, being hairless doesn’t seem to be to be one of those issues.

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