Is there a cure for Alopecia yet?

Question by the kid: Is there a cure for Alopecia yet?
Alopecia Areata? Cure?

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Answer by theoneonlydoctor
first of all find out if u r on any drugs causing hair loss like anticancer drugs, anticoagulants like heparin, etc.,or if u r exposed to harmful radiations,if u r lacking sleep, or malnourished & u can work upon accordingly.
take balanced diet ,can take multivitamin such exercises that improve blood circulation to head &scalp,putting urself upside down for a few mins every day.
u can use ointment containing ‘minoxidil’.rub it over the affected dilates blood vessels & improves blood supply.but the thing is u can hav good hair growth only as long as u use it.alopecia recurrs after u stop treatment

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