Is there a dandruff shampoo or treatment that is not going to cause hair loss?

Issue by Brkyjo: Is there a dandruff shampoo or treatment that will not cause hair decline?
i head that selsum blue and head and shoulders lead to hair reduction and i was pondering if there is any shampoo that doesn’t result in hair decline. i also study somewhere that including tea tree oil to standard shampoo performs properly. is this correct? would dove or paul mitchell perform?

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Response by AskAbby
I was nervous about this exact identical problem, and I in no way have utilized selsun blue since my dad utilized it and experienced hair reduction.
use Aveda, the Scalp Solution sort.
I went to an high-priced hair salon in New york and they supplied this to me. I used the shampoo and conditioner, and i wasn’t sure about it, but it truly works properly.
Following I shampoo/problem, and i’m done showering, I use one more solution also by aveda scalp treatment it is referred to as:
Aveda scalp treatment dandruff solution spray.
I now no lengthier have dandruff, and I will not constantly have to wear hats or tie back my hair so that no 1 sees it!
My hair is in fact softer now, and it comes out thicker it doesnt drop out as simply simply because this shampoo not only requires absent dandruff, but it boosts your roots!
Very good luck!
PS: aveda is a bit dear but it works very nicely,i will assure you that.

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  1. it’s more so the stripping that those two shampoos (selsum and h&s) may cause. Im guess you want body, volume, and strength, right? Garnier Frutis is save on all hair… i use the length and strengthing one and it works well. the more you use it the stronger/thicker your hair will be. also it might not be bad to get a deep conditioning treatment done at a salon, (usually its like 25 bucks) – do that once a month or every two months.

    just a suggestion

  2. Hawiian Punch

    i use head and shoulders shampoo it’s great it makes your hair smell good and it made my dandruff go away in a week although my dandruff was dry scalp not real dandruff and my hair has not fallen out it’s actually a great shampoo

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