Is there a Shampoo to Prevent hair reduction?

Question by Martin D: Is there a Shampoo to Stop hair loss?
I will not have any hair loss presently. I am 26 with a thick complete head of hair, but don’t want to at any time have to bargain with balding or something so I thought I’d see if there is a shampoo I could use every day that would support stop it. Preferably a thing I could pick up at Drug Truthful/Ceremony Help/CVS type locations. Anybody? Thanks

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Answer by sasuapple
At any time tried Mane and Tail?

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  1. carmelcavalier

    There is NO shampoo that will prevent hair loss. If it is in your genome, you are screwed. Otherewise, take care of the nice thick full head of hair that you have with shampoos and conditioners that DO NOT contain alcohol and STRIP your hair of it natural oils. Also, use Infusium Leave-In Treatment to boost that hair. Enjoy that hair that many of us “baldies” want!

  2. Shanamax B

    hi I’ve heard certain shampoos are good – ones that have things like tea tree oil. There is also another ingredient in shampoos that is supposed to help with hair loss called Saw Palmetto – supposed to have good results.

    Also you should avoid shampoos with “surfactants” – this is what causes the lathering up of shampoos – very harsh and drying on the hair.

    Hope this helps

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