Is There a Solution that can End Hair Loss from Chemo?

Question by CLC0930: Is There a Item that can Stop Hair Loss from Chemo?
Extended tale quick, my mother has been identified with breast most cancers and will need 4 treatment options of chemo treatment. Somebody experienced mentioned a solution that can prevent hair decline from the chemo remedies, nonetheless I do not know what the identify of it is. Any ideas or recommendations?? Thanks!

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Answer by Very small
Indeed there is a treatment called”Propecia” but it does have allot of limits as to who should use it this kind of as females of little one bearing several years can’t use it and so forth. That’s all I know of.

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  1. thinkingtime

    Some chemos for breast cancer do not cause hair loss. Your mother should ask her medical oncologist.

  2. No there isn’t. It will grow back when chemo is done, maybe before. There is no drug that will stop it, plain and simple.

  3. Lots of things have been tried, because we all know that no one wants to lose their hair from chemo. Nothing has been proven or approved yet, but it is being worked on. Some ladies have tried using a ‘cold cap’ or ice on their head at the time of infusion to try to temporarily shrink the follicles so they won’t release the hair, but this is not very effective at all.
    Remember that the point behind the chemo is that it kills all fast-growing cells, which include cancer cells and hair follicle cells. Her hair WILL grow back. Just get a nice wig to use for a few months.