Is there a specific vitamin or pill that i cant take to give me again some of these being pregnant hormones?

Question by jaksmom: Is there a certain vitamin or capsule that i cant take to give me back again some of individuals being pregnant hormones?
I recently experienced a child and now my hair is slipping out by the tons! I know this is standard but I also experienced a c-part which I know can make hair reduction even worse. Not to point out I have had hair reduction troubles in the previous.

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Response by mandy0183
Some beginning control pills can trick your human body into pondering that it is in the early levels of being pregnant, consequently no ovulation! You must inquire your medical doctor about it!

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  1. mcamille23

    the only way that some people say to get those hormones back would be to have frozen your placenta and had it made into pills. It’s probably too late for that… You could try taking any of the prenatal vitamins that you have left over.

  2. a little curious

    it will pass my little one is 7 mos old and i still lose a little but its getting better