Is there a treatment for alopecia?

Problem by : Is there a therapy for alopecia?
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No, there just isn’t. One particular of my very very good friends has alopecia–she’s at present producing a book about dwelling with it. Your cherished a single will find out to make it via and will find that people will not likely be as judgemental as he/she thinks people will be.

Edit: I acquire back there are no therapies. I forgot there are injections they can get in the scalp but they are normally really unpleasant and the results may not be everlasting or have the desired result. They may support, but they are probably not well worth it.

TJ, you must get a refund at your university. Someone with extreme alopecia as in they increase NO hair anyplace on their body has fundamentally no alternative. Rogaine will not operate. If it labored, my good friend would have hair. If rogaine worked, my father would have hair–he employed it.

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