Is there a way to tattoo eyebrows quickly?

Question by straight_dude: Is there a way to tattoo eyebrows temporarily?
I have alopecia and it impacted my eyebrows. I want them back again so I can go to college with no sensation uneasy. I had to cease for one calendar year due to the fact I was embarrassed. I know many would disagree, but I do not want to lengthen my holiday. I’d like to go after in Pc Science.

My medical doctor as nicely as my mothers and fathers want me to have my eyebrows tattooed quickly as a substitute. Is there such thing?

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Answer by Serendipity
no tattoos are long lasting. however in my salon you can dye them each month or so? is there any hair there at all for the dye to connect to? Also you can attract them on with a pencil. You may contemplate tattooing them on with a really mild pale brown shade so that it isn’t extremely apparent when the hair grows back? Im not positive Id have to see what you had remaining to function with. Maybe stage into a neighborhood spa that does long term makeup and just see what they suggest for the the very least motivation achievable.

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