Is there any Alopecia Cure or therapy?

Problem by Ryan I: Is there any Alopecia Remedy or therapy?
Im a 14 yr outdated boy, and have had Alopecia since I was 5 many years aged. It is finding really noticeable, how can I conceal it? Is there a heal? Any medications?

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Reply by Sara
I am a 14 12 months old woman and I have had it considering that grd five. I attempted a few remedies like Minoxidil (it tooks months to observe new hair, but the hair that grew was super slender) Prednisone (did not do a thing). i listened to the injections have a much better opportunity of doing work… but if your afraid of needles it’s not the greatest way to go LOL. You could try a laser comb but there very expensive (i believe around $ five hundred.00) or you could consider a natural way, which is what I may well do following. Unfortunately there’s no definite cure however 🙁

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