Is there any cure for Alopecia?

Query by Keep it Inexperienced: Is there any treatment for Alopecia?
My youthful sister has it.
Is there any factor we can do to help?

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Alopecia may possibly occur from several triggers, including tension reactions, hypothyroidism, exposure of the hair follicles to topically-utilized chemical compounds, therapies used for cancer, and genetic male-sample balding. The problem is often categorized by its specific manifestation, this sort of as patchy balding (alopecia areata), whole reduction of head hair (alopecia totalis), or overall decline of entire body hair (alopecia universalis). Alopecia areata and alopecia totalis regularly affect women, and the condition may possibly persist for several months to about a year, often lengthier.

Typically, alopecia is interpreted by Chinese medical professionals as the result of a deficiency syndrome, particularly involving blood deficiency, with generation of inside wind or invasion of exterior wind that has an effect on the head the predicament is often complex by blood stasis and/or blood warmth. The perception that there is an influence of wind in the etiology of the hair reduction is reflected in the Chinese name for the illness, which is youfeng, practically oil-wind. The reference to oil, which can also mean shiny, is an expression characterizing the smooth, shiny scalp physical appearance in which the hair has been misplaced. The Chinese name has led to some humorous translations in the deal insert for Alopecia Areata Drugs, the primary indicator is for “grease hair dropping.”

The underlying pathological procedures lead to the hair follicles to be undernourished. Blood deficiency can occur from inadequate diet, abnormal use of medications, the ageing method, anxiety response (be concerned, anxiety, melancholy, which impairs spleen function and thereby decreases nurturing of blood), and debilitating ailments. Unexpected hair reduction, like other sudden health changes, is interpreted as a consequence of “wind” in this scenario it is invading the channels that traverse the scalp.

A standard description of the cause of alopecia is introduced in Practical Traditional Chinese Dermatology (one):

The hairs are the extension of blood, and the standard expansion and improvement of prolonged, pliable, and challenging hairs relies upon on the sufficient provide of nourishment from ying and blood. If the provide of vitamins is reduced, the wind may be produced in the entire body to cause decline of hairs. Nervousness, melancholy, and mental instability may possibly trigger manufacturing of inside warmth, and the abnormal heat in the blood might make wind and lead to decline of hairs because of to diminished nutrition offer, and this kind of sufferers may possibly demonstrate medical manifestation of wind syndrome owing to blood warmth. In individuals with persistent illnesses and exhaustion of essence and blood, the deficiency of blood may possibly also generate wind to cause decline of hairs, and such patients may possibly display the clinical manifestation of wind syndrome thanks to deficiency of blood. In sufferers with their conditions wrongly handled or refractory to any treatment, the new blood can not be created to nourish the hairs because of the stagnation of blood and obstruction of meridians, and such patients could show scientific manifestations of wind syndrome owing to blood stagnation.

In accordance to the English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Conventional Chinese Medicine (2),

Alopecia is primarily triggered by deficiency of liver and kidney with subsequent failure of [blood to go up and nourish] the hair. The hair pores are open up when the hair is badly nourished, and wind invades the pores on the celebration. Therefore, deficient blood with wind [invasion] qualified prospects to hair loss. Nonetheless, stagnation of liver qi and impaired qi system will also consequence in hair loss due to the fact of the malnutrition of hair because of to stagnation of qi and stasis of blood.

The identical encyclopedia has an elaboration of the etiology of alopecia in the volume of dermatology (16):

This condition is usually triggered by deficiency of blood, which fails to cooperate with qi in nourishing the pores and skin. The striae of skin and muscle tissue in turn turn out to be unfastened, and the opening of the sweat glands is loose, consequently, pathogenic wind intrudes from exterior, creating blood-dryness and malnutrition of the hair. Aside from, the temper of depression, stagnation of liver qi, and overwork may impair the heart qi and trigger stagnation of qi and blood stasis so that qi and blood can not nourish the hair, hence the incidence of the disease deficiency of the liver qi and kidney qi might also cause this illness, due to the fact the liver merchants the blood whose condition can be manifested by the hair, while the kidneys create bone marrow which is also dependable for the growth of hair.

In Practical Standard Chinese Dermatology, a few simple formulation are recommended:

Wind Owing to Blood Heat

Wind Owing to Blood Deficiency

Wind Owing to Blood Stagnation

Rehmannia, raw

Rehmannia, cooked

Tang-kuei, tails



Crimson peony




Biota leaf



Morus leaf





Biota leaf





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