Is there any help for Alopecia?

Query by : Is there any support for Alopecia?
I’ve had alopecia for 13 several years. It is a bald place on my head the dimension of a dime ahead of my hair areas. It peals and heals. Then peals once more. Quite uncooked and sore. I have attempted neosoporim and vasoline. The medical doctor recommended ketoconazole cream and a shampoo. Nothing at all has worked. Donning bangs or making use of hair combs has not aided. I never know how to put on my hair. I am so fatigued of this! Is there any hope at all? Remember to help if you can.
I am not 13! I was not born with alopecia. I have had it considering that I was 29.

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Have you believed of homeopathic medication?
This medical professional mentions 2 cases: articles/Regular/drj28.htm

Also make certain you protect your head from the sunshine simply because that can make it even worse. Often wear a hat.
Since you are 13 a funky option that you can use are head scarves. You can make a slender band and set it above a spot you are seeking to cover and tie it and allow the bottom hang down your back. Really in trend now. Or, also check out out the mall for some entertaining hair items. They appear in braids, buns and even different colors. Have some entertaining sweetie!

If the medical professional does not hear I motivate you strongly to get a second view and see a expert in alopecia, or even a skin doctor acquainted with it simply because they actually study the pores and skin. I know it looks so aggravating but the moment you get it sorted it will all turn into second naturel. Great luck honey, we all assist you!!

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