Is there any ladies on listed here who has difficulty with too much hair decline?

Question by PrettyGirl29: Is there any women on here who has trouble with excessive hair loss?
I know everybodys hair sheds but mine is coming out by the handful. I’m 29 and my baby is 14 months old. I know women go through a shedding phase after birth but it should only last six months and mine won’t stop. I’ve cut my hair shoulder length for the first time in my life but that didn’t help any. The hair is all over my house and it just covers my bed from coming out during the night. I guess I’ve got to go see a doctor because something is causing it and I don’t know what to do about it. I was just hoping that if any women on this website had the same problem as me. If so, than maybe they can give me some tips on what to do.

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Answer by beautyXO
Well I am not having that problem… But I DEFINITELY suggest going to the doctor asap. This sounds pretty serious… not to scare you or anything.. cause I could be wrong. Good luck!

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  1. Shannon M

    this is normal… it can come from age, or genes

    my family has this problem as well its normal! ho im not sure how to prevent it! just wanted to let u know its normal!

  2. forthelackofoxygen

    You may need some progesterone cream. If you can find an Arbonne consultant, their progesterone cream is the best I’ve tried.

    Also try telling your scalp and neck to relax. Neck and scalp tension cut off the circulation to your hair and can cause hair loss.

    If you have a beauty school near you, go in and get a conditioning treatment with a scalp massage. Heaven!

    Remind yourself during the day to relax. That has to be hard with a baby, but stress is hard for you and your hair.

    Also, add some salmon or some omega 3 oil to your diet. You need that for healthy hair, and pregnancy may have depleted your system. You probably still need a good multivitamin, too.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. You poor thing. I am guessing that since you had a baby your hormones are going nuts. Perhaps you need some vitamines. Don’t loose hope. Seeing your Dr. might be the best thing. He can determine if it is a physical problem. Linda

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