Is there any natural solutions for hair decline on Canine?

Question by Gary H: Is there any organic solutions for hair reduction on Canines?
My buddies Malamute has hair reduction in numerous places. Its not pink or infected so fairly confident its not Mange. The canine has also been taken off corn sort pet foodstuff…any kind of all-natural remedies or vitamin type health supplements any individual can recommend?

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Reply by joanplus4dogs
Consider adding fish oil capsules to food. With out viewing the locations or vet diagnosis it is impossible tell you any details. Do study this internet site about systemic yeast infections & how they influence their total body. articles/systemic_yeast_mini_system.htm

Times it can be foods related so switching foods is a excellent notion.

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  1. jeremypozily

    Another good choice would be to mix fish oil with the dogs water, not too much. A half a tea spoon every week works wonders.