is there any property made hair-decline remedy?

Question by Nuts Freak: is there any property produced hair-reduction therapy?
i have a hereditary hair-decline issue. my paternal family members has the problem and practically all of them are heading bald. am a woman and my possessing severe hair-decline. i fear that if this carries on for some far more years, i will go bald. i need support if you have any home-manufactured/ property solutions. everything that i need to eat/drink/use/use, and so forth would aid me decrease my hair loss. an additional difficulty is that i have greatly greasy/oily scalp so i have to wash my hairs every single two days and because of to this i have a lot more hair-loss.
remember to i need to have help.
thank you.

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Solution by Christina
i have a friend with the identical problem. very first factor…the much more you anxiety about it the even worse it will get. dont brush it also hard and to steer clear of getting to clean it alot..dont use a conditioner…

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  1. YiTrannnnForever!

    Well do you have bumps on your head? If you do it might be Ringworm, tinea corporis. there is no home-made remedy, I have the same problem as you do but I don’t have oily hair. You might wanna try Clobetazole but it’s for your doctor to prescribe and maybe they will open pills for you to take they did that to me now I don’t have to take anymore pills but I have to apply the Clobetazole on, twice daily on my scalp.