Is there any remedy concerning Androgenic Alopecia?

Problem by Ron: Is there any treatment relating to Androgenic Alopecia?
im in my 20’s n im shedding hair like hell…
my household has Androgenic Alopecia,
so i would like to know if there is any treatment for this
other than hair transplantation…

n i live in india…so dnt give me any goods or clinic title outdoors my boundaries
An plz recommend some of the good trichologist whom i can seek the advice of with..
thanx all

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Answer by jenny
Androgenic alopecia is described as believed to be inherited from both parent, and is because of to the outcomes of androgens on hair follicles. The pharmacist might very first advise this try to attempt to regrowth with nonprescription minoxidil. If results are unsatisfactory,you might be referred to the doctor for prescription finasteride (Propecia).
Minoxidil or betanovate
sorry but we do not no what you can get but this need to be watered down if you can get it hope this aids you ive received the identical as you but we can get allsorts not that it as assisted me i dont no your manufacturer names sorry

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