Is there any therapy or shampoo for hair reduction (alopecia)?

Query by Fynest1: Is there any treatment or shampoo for hair reduction (alopecia)?
My dad’s hair have been falling out since november of previous 12 months and now he have bald patches all over his head. It breaks my coronary heart to see my father like this. He is been really frustrated ever given that this started happening. So I was just pondering if there’s any shampoos or treatments that Functions, you should, this is for my father and I just want to see him content once more. Thank you

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Solution by Debbie
You could try Nioxin. It is a expert shampoo and conditioner for hair loss that I advise. Bringing blood to the area with scalp massages is also a good thought because blood nourishes the hair follicle. Fairly truthfully however, this sort of fast hair reduction indicates a further underlying health difficulty. He really should see a medical doctor.

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