is there any way to avoid hair decline in the course of shower?

Question by karim: is there any way to stay away from hair loss throughout shower?
i need to know any way to keep away from hair loss in the course of shower

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Reply by KarinaGia
comb it out and get all the “dead hair” out of your head and throw it in the toillete and do that a pair of moments and it need to all be out before you enter the shower!

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  1. there really isnt a way..whatever is gonna come out will come out sooner or later whether in the shower or not..but being gentle with it is good and nioxin shampoo and conditioner are good for slowing down hair loss

  2. lol! good question, my drain get so clogged and it is disgusting to have to clean it out.

  3. blue_wavexoxo

    use pantene conditioner and shampoo lyk the ones u c on tv. it seems really good and it builds up the strength helping to avoid hair loss during the shower while making it shiny too =P

  4. Vivek Goel

    the hair are wet during shower thus are more susceptible to breaking as they stick together and more force is applied to them even thought we do not realise it .

    I have tried many things but what helped me the most was to oil my hair an hour before taking shower .

    not only the hair fall decreased but also my hair were more shiner and smooth even after i have shampooed them .

    you can use various kind of hair oils for this