is there anything at all i can do female hair reduction because of to malnutrition?

Query by Emily: is there something i can do female hair reduction because of to malnutrition?
im 17 y/o feminine… i am at the moment obtaining treatment method for getting anorexia… im eating now and i know i should be focusing on that but my hair is falling out in enormous clumps and im afraid that eventually unwell have nearly no hair….
so because im previously feeding on which should support and its nonetheless falling out are there any special shampoos or something i can use to also prevent hair reduction?

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Response by Socrates I’m Back Again MOFOs
Rogaine for Women. They market it at any Walgreens or other pharmacy.

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  1. eat right.. cut out the processed food items and eat fresh whole foods… you won’t gain weight from fresh produce.. come on.

    and you’ll regress in age and get your hair back… because you’ll be getting soluble proteins, vitamins and minerals.

  2. Keep eating properly with lots of protein and vegetables. Something that would help you on avoiding hair loss and making your hair grow back and stronger is using Rosemary shampoo. This is great for strengthing hair and making it grow. Once you have it, add 5 spoons of honey to the shampoo bottle and let it rest for one day before using it. You could find this shampoo online or at organic grocery stores like Whole Foods. It’s not that expensive either and after the first week of use you will notice the results.

    I wish you the best! ; )

  3. Mukunda M

    MOST SERIOUS CAUSE OF LOSS IS SHAMPOOS. Many have countless hair, scalp and even health harming harsh and toxic ingredients. See this site “Skin Deep Database -:A Feelgood Resource” Enter in search box “shampoos *” (the asterisk is important) and you will see which are the most harmful.and others which are safe or only minimally harming.

    Read this testimonial emailed to me from: Mo Sratum(on Answers)
    Subject: HAIR LOSS! OMG!
    Message: Hi,
    “You may remember me, Mo Satrum, the guy with the constant questioning about the hair loss, well I’ve been doing it for 2 months now and it’s working wonders! My hair loss increased the first few weeks but it gradually slowed down and my hair is gradually going back to normal as it were before. I was always told that hair loss was genetic and you could do nothing about it, but you’ve proved everyone wrong and even I had my doubts before starting your treatment but I cannot describe how much you’ve turned my life around! Thank you I don’t know where I would be without you”

    In my teens I suffered severe loss and this treatment stopped loss almost straight away and forced new growth. It has helped others on ANSWERS.

    TREATMENT: Massage olive or any pure, natural oil into scalp, Extra virgin olive, coconut and grape seed work well. Then brush vigorously preferably using a palm held brush with short natural boar bristles.(Quite stiff bristles is best) You can see them on Amazon – they are known as military brushes.
    Brush entire scalp. Brush strongly so you feel it stimulating/irritating scalp. Do 90 /100 strokes each day at beginning building up to more and focus on where loss is. You may be apprehensive about irritating scalp – believe me I was too. But this is what will force new growth as it unplugs the blocked hair ducts that often are cause loss – they are the painful small itching spots.
    As you brush some shedding and breakage may occur at first but will quickly stop as brushing makes hair better anchored and stronger. New hairs will appear.and will be weak looking and sparse. Keep up the brushing and do not be concerned if brushing uproots them, as they will re-appear even stronger.
    My hair has completely regrown on crown. Where receded at front regrowth was slower and sparse at first then each month it became denser. It has virtually grown back to my original hairline. It demands perseverance week in/week out to get the same results.
    I know I escaped the fate of my grandfather, my father, my two younger brothers through this treatment. All are, or were, completely, or very nearly bald. Treatment has disproved the genetics theory.

    SOURCE(S): Many years research, self experimentation using natural treatments for hair loss, regrowth and cures of skin, scalp and hair disorders

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