Is This Alopecia Areata?

Query by L.A.M.B.: Is This Alopecia Areata?
I am thirteen a long time outdated and I have discovered that my hair is commencing to tumble out correct previously mentioned my temples.Its been a sluggish method but at faculty when I am operating, I will appear down and there will be like 4 hairs on my desk and I will locate my hair on my lap or clothing. My hair is really slender previously mentioned my temples and if I pull it into a ponytail and pull my bangs back again then you can see it really certainly(and I have to use it like that for cheerleading so everyone can see it).

I have also seen that in the previous number of months my nails get dents in them near the cuticle and grow outwards. I have read through that that is a symptom of Alopecia.

An additional thing is that it is supposedly induced by an iron deficiency and I am just the slightest bit anemic.

I am truly concerned about it and my mother isn’t really quite beneficial because she says that we will not require to fret about it since Alpoecia is quite unusual and it truly is not in our loved ones and I am above reacting.

right here are some photographs i took of it:
Alopeica Areata
Alopecia Areata

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Answer by þêþþêrmïñ† þ円ï ♥
It might be. Check with your doctor, we can’t professionally diagnose your for Alopecia…

But alopecia is not big deal…. all it is is a bald place. Remedy for that is only cosmetic.

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