Is This Hair Solution Colour Safe?

Query by Darya Ruslan: Is This Hair Solution Color Protected?
I have this new solution, Natural Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse. My hair is presently dyed black with bleached blonde streaks. Is this solution colour safe or will it clean out my hair color if I wash my hair right after utilizing this merchandise? The genuine product does not specify if it is color secure or not.

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Reply by Alyssa N
I have that way too, and I havent observed it wash out my hair at all, so I believe you will be just wonderful.

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  1. Sur La Mer

    Chemicals is drying to your hair.
    Mousse is drying to your hair.

    Using products that add more ‘drying’ to your hair is not good in the long run, it’s not damaging it’s just more drying to your hair.

    It does not fade the hair dye, but washing more fades the dye off your hair.

    Washing less often, builds the natural oil your hair needs, to get them smoother, shinier, silkier, softer. Man-made products are just temporary, until you wash them again, and at the same time washing off the natural oil your hair NEEDS. Hair product just absorbs on your hair if they’re dry, like a sponge.

    The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’.