Is this regular hair reduction?

Question by : Is this normal hair decline?
I just wanted to get some other opinions as to no matter whether this is standard hair decline. I also get rid of diverse amounts of hair a day. On some times there can be considerably less than 50 while on others it can somewhat in excess of 1 hundred. Nonetheless, the common quantity of hair I lose is under 100 hairs. How considerably hair do you shed when you brush it? Is it regular to locate some free hairs on your garments all through the day? Is it regular to pull out a few strands when you run your palms through it? Any details is drastically appreciated.
I am only 19

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Response by Titania D
It truly is normal. Especially if you have had youngsters. At any time because I’ve experienced kids, my hair arrives out a minor little bit. But it’s totally normal. Unless of course you are balding. I have usually dropped a little hair and yes hairs get snagged throughout the day and arrive out on your fingers and your clothing. I find hairs in my automobile. LOL

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  1. Everyone looses hair, supposedly 50-100 per day. However, you know your body and you know what the norm is for YOU. I lost less than 50 hairs per day about two months ago… Now it’s around 150. I started noticing extra hair in the shower and in the brush, and when I run my fingers through my hair I get 4-5 strands everytime, and I am only 18.

    Seriously, if you notice a significant change in the amount of hair you are loosing don’t take it lightly. If you need any more help, you can contact me in my email. I’d be happy to help.