Is this traction alopecia? Will the hair grow again? (Image Included)?

Question by JustMe♥: Is this traction alopecia? Will the hair increase back? (Photo Provided)?
I don’t know if this is traction alopecia. I presume it is due to the fact I used to get very tight hair styles. Um, I know traction alopecia can be permanent. I’m frightened that this is long lasting. If you can see black dots on your scalp, is it an indicator that there is even now a hair follicle there? Somebody, please assist and tell me from searching at this pic if you feel the hair will increase back or not. The hair decline is in the heart of my scalp. Sorry if the pic is poor good quality.

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Answer by jethro
Pricey JustMe

The picture top quality is in fact poor. However, I strongly suggest you to see a skin doctor who is knowledgable about hair and scalp troubles. I suspect you could have a scarring alopecia by identify of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia or CCCA for quick. Diagnosis can only be created by watchful examination of your scalp and potentially scalp biopsy. In extremely early levels hair decline can be stopped. Normally this issue is permanent. About thirty percent of black women have CCCA and the situation is very a lot underdiagnosed in the planet.

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