issue about hair loss?

Concern by recommend you should: issue about hair reduction?
i am an or else wholesome male despite the fact that i have a difficulty with random hair loss. i am 29 and have a total head of hair, fairly talking. my dilemma is that i have about a quarter sized chunk on the best heart of my scalp exactly where the hair has fully fallen out, it is gradually regrowing in this spot nevertheless. the reduction began gradaully and progressively acquired even worse over a a few month or so time span. in addition to this bald spot,i have a patch on my left jawbone centered bewteen my chin and finish of jaw bone on my experience exactly where no hair grows as properly……i do consume reasonably healthy and just take multi vitamins, was pressured about starting a new work for couple of months (but not that pressured). it is entirely clear its not pattern baldness and i get no medicines, can any individual tell me what could probably be creating this?
no, i was not donning hats or everything on my head….practically nothing modified about my lifestyle it just started falling out

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Reply by Candie Barr
occasionally there are specific components of the entire body in which hair will not likely expand, generally if theres a scar.
as for why you lost the hair on your head, ended up you donning headphones, hats or anything else that might have been rubbing on it? or a ponytail that could have been pulling it?

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  1. Nobody here is qualified to make a diagnosis.
    Check with a Dermatologist for a medical evaluation .