It’s been eighteen months considering that chemo and my hair even now comes out but not usually?

Question by andys: It is been eighteen months considering that chemo and my hair nonetheless comes out but not usually?
A few months my hair had grown back again curly and many others , but then it seems to get rid of and increase back again but on my head it comes out but not ample to be bald , my eyebrows upper body hair arm and legs arrives out simple and when I run my fingers by means of my hai there is a good amount in my hands . I cannot find any Data on this wherever. Nobody looks to realize and alot of the time men and women consider I am just becoming paranoid ,I am not it realty does happon and on the Net it only tells u that u loose ur hair then soon after chemo it grows again and normally returns to normal and which is it . Why cannot I uncover anything at all out. What is actually really baffled me is that this stoppe for a couple of months and now it really is occurring once again but worse and it’s all above not just the head , please support? :/

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Reply by wyllow
You ought to probably go back again to your oncologist and discover out if there is an fundamental reason for the hair reduction. Specifically since it stopped for a even though and has abruptly returned. Good luck.

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