I’ve study numerous on the internet testimonies that head and shoulders is associated with hair loss, is it genuine?

Issue by Juan G: I’ve go through a lot of online testimonies that head and shoulders is connected with hair decline, is it accurate?
I did a yahoo search on HnS making an attempt to appear into their new merchandise for hair stamina ( it is supposed to market hair progress). As an alternative I located forums and testimonies from HnS consumers declaring that previous HnS merchandise have caused them to go bald. If hair loss wasn’t a difficulty why are they all of a sudden promoting this new hair stamina item. Is their any truth to HnS triggering baldness?

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Solution by Would like upon a star
I concur, personally i discover HnS has a llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttt of chemical compounds !! It confident tends to make my hair drop, perhaps not to the extent of balding me, but helps make my hair wayyyyy thinner *

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  1. If someone is losing thier hair of course they are going to look for just about anything to blame especially in the US sue happy country. Also online testimonials arent worth much considering you will always have someone complain about something.

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