just identified for alopecia areata?

Query by Fixthe Fernback: just identified for alopecia areata?
im an eighteen calendar year outdated male. i visited my dermatologist yesterday simply because i was lacking a quite tiny patch of hair on my hair line, and imagined i was going through douleur pattern baldness. i think he identified me with alopecia areata(im quite positive thats what he mentioned anyways). and he gave me some some cortisone injections and gave me a prescription for some particular shampoo. i have a great deal of questions about this ailment and sadly cant see my doctor for an additional thirty day period.

my inquiries are:

-am i heading to go fully bald?

-is this a long lasting or short-term illness?(i study a thing like the hair goes threw a cycle and grows back again in a calendar year)

any help is a lot appreciated 🙂

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Reply by treegirl
Get checked for Celiacs ailment. A lot of of the leading researchers believe that an allergy to gluten (celiacs disease) is dependable for other autoimmune issues. If you halt consuming gluten you might be capable to stop the progression of the alopecia. Excellent luck.

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