Kitten Have Meals Allergy symptoms? (Hair Reduction)?

Concern by Christopher: Kitten Have Foods Allergy symptoms? (Hair Loss)?
Okay so I acquired a seven week previous kitten from the nearby vet 2 weeks back, he is now nine months. He had no hair decline when we obtained him. But following giving him the manufacturer of meals we have been offering him I saw hair reduction creating. It started on his chin, then to his nose (which is nearly fully hairless now), his neck, and starting appropriate previously mentioned both of his eyes and back of his ears. He has been itching and licking his paws and messing with his nose and confront a lot.

At first I believed it was ringworm, mange, mites, or flea irritation and gave him a lime sulfur dip today. Much better be secure then sorry. I am heading to purchase him “Royal Canin Siamese 38 Method” cat foods tomorrow.

Listed here are some photos…



Also, when I got him from the vet he experienced his initial shots and he is fixed. He is also an indoor cat, none of our animals have at any time gotten anything like this ahead of.

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Solution by Chelsea FC
A kitten that younger wants at minimum Some kitten formulation as nicely as meals. If you modify his meals do it Gradually, not all at when

I never consider this is an allergy and most therapies for fleas, mites, and so on are NOT to be utilized on kittens that young.

You need to go to a vet NOW

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