Ladies only: I am contemplating a lace front wig from a hairloss spot?

Question by Stankonia: Ladies only: I am taking into consideration a lace entrance wig from a hairloss spot?
I had a consultation for hair loss at the Hair Club for Gentlemen and Ladies. I have diffuse hairloss on the prime of my head. The specialist informed me that the very best alternative for me would be a lace-front wig, which would protect the thinning area. The piece would expense all around $ 2000 to $ 4000. I talked to my sister about it and she recommended that I go to some of the regional hair salons, exactly where they do these kinds of wigs for a whole lot more affordable.

I would like to know if any person has experienced a lace front wig completed by the HC for Guys and Females. If so, ended up you pleased with your final results??

Also, how would a lace front wig/weave be just as excellent from a typical salon, if it is cheaper? My sister explained that her good friend has experienced several, and they use human hair and she believes the process would be the exact same as it would be at the hair reduction treatment method center.

One particular of my concerns is creating positive that the hair is a extremely close match to my very own. I have a multi-ethnic/racial track record and my hair is really smooth with waves and the hair strands are very great. When I shampoo and brush it again into a ponytail to let it dry normally, the prime can be very straight. It can also go into very great corkscrew curls or waves when I air dry it, but it is also really easy to straighten…As a result, I would need to have a hair texture that is really adaptable and bouncy.

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Response by Chaz Magoo

I’m sorry about your hairloss, it is truly distressing.

First of all I feel the best way ahead is for me to be trustworthy with you.

Frontals shouldn’t value much more than $ 500 at the extremely most.
It will be hard to mimick the actual texture of your hair as your all-natural hair isn’t identical to the bulk of hair donors so go for the closest match to yours, if you commit less for a quality wig then you may be ready to experiment.

If the firm your employing can match the hair texture then by all means the price is well worth it, but if it’s just a near match then you can get frontals for significantly less funds.

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