Laura Dasi: Mom With Alopecia Performs Gorgeous Aerial Art – America’s Got Expertise 2014

A mom of two teens overcomes alopecia to follows her desire of getting to be an aerial artist. See Laura Dasi’s lovely overall performance! » Subscribe: » Entire Episodes: http://ww…
Movie Score: 4 / five

17 thoughts on “Laura Dasi: Mom With Alopecia Performs Gorgeous Aerial Art – America’s Got Expertise 2014

  1. if she looks that hot at…i dont even know how old…
    imagine her when she was younger…wow

  2. Usually, I’m very opposed to sob stories on this show, but I feel like this
    wasn’t a sob story at all. Cancer was actually something that interfered
    with her dream, so she had a need to bring it up. What I liked better was
    she didn’t start talking about her illness out of the blue, she was
    hesitant about it, she definitely wasn’t saying it just for votes. A
    particular sob story I hated was Jonathan Allen from last season, he
    brought his story up in every f*cking interview, it was so annoying.

  3. This is the same stuff I see for every aerial act and it’s not even

  4. I have Alopecia too. Im in 7th grade and i have been dealing with it since
    when i was 2 years old and it was very hard overcoming it but i have come
    to a point in my life thinking that if i didnt have alopecia i wouldnt be
    me and im glad i have it so i can teach people that they are beautiful and
    they can overcome it just how i did and i have amazing friend that love me
    and inspire me to keep my head up and theyy treat me like every other kid
    😀 . Thank you so much you have just so inspired me sooo much thank you
    😀 you did An amazing job .!

  5. Laura você é demais!! Sou sua fã desde a primeira vez que assisti sua
    performance “Tango in the Air”. Pratico acrobacia no tecido (aerial silk) a
    3 anos e você é minha ídala!! Congratulations!! I love you and your
    performances on aerial silk!! 

  6. I also do aerial silks and have alopecia…thanks for being an inspiration
    and advocate!

  7. I hate how they fucking skip the whole act…. Take out the stupid intro
    and ending commercializing of your channel and play the whole audition…

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