Loestrin 24 fe birth manage.. does it lead to hair loss? Help.?

Question by Joy: Loestrin 24 fe birth management.. does it result in hair reduction? Aid.?
I currently have a quite irregular period.. I get it probably five occasions a yr.. often much more, occasionally considerably less.. I also have dry pores and skin, increased physique & facial hair, and hair thinning/dry hair/hair reduction.. I’m in my 20’s, so this should not be taking place. Will loestrin support/worsen these symptoms? What have you seasoned w/ this OC? I have in no way been on start manage just before this.

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Solution by Paige
The greater hair decline treatments incorporate monoxidil. Monoxidil has been Food and drug administration authorized to promote hair development.

One of the most successful hair expansion goods on the market place is Provillus. The major explanation it really is so succesful is simply because of the organic ingredients that they use in their merchandise.

The cause of hair reduction is not often easy to pin down, frequently it is a combination of factors that is triggering it. A single factor is for positive it really is greatest not to wait to do something about it. The before you determine the result in of the issue and handle it the far better your probabilities of curing it.

In the source box I’ve additional a url on hair reduction and what can be accomplished about it.

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