Lymph nodes in back of head because of to DCNB Treatment method?

Concern by Mary: Lymph nodes in again of head due to DCNB Therapy?
Hello Ive been utilizing DNCB a topical immunotherapy applied to the scalp for the treatment of diffuse alopecia. I have experienced a lymph node in the back again of my head occipital ? but the dr explained a thing about surgical procedure and removing it. Does anyone have any info on this when its because of to meds and not most cancers. I cant seem to be to arrive up with nearly anything on the web. The DNCB was operating very nicely. I just lately received ill with a viral?? infection with my throat and it was realy poor. I already have a diminished immune purpose, and have been identified with a mixed connective tissue problem. I have constructive ANA, RA, ANTI SSA, High Complete PROTEIN etc… Any thoughts Thanks

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