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Hair Loss Cream 50 Ml Himalaya

  • Stimulates the active phase of hair growth.

Stimulates the Anagenic (Active) phase of hair growth cycle
Induces quick multiplication of hair fibre cells
Improves tensile strength of hair and increases hair density

Note: Hair Loss Cream does not work in cases of Male Pattern Baldness (baldness due to genetic reasons).

List Price: $ 6.55

Price: $ 6.55

Question by Natasha: How to stop hair loss in a teenager girl?
I am 15 and have been losing hair by the handfuls lately. i have very thick hair and it is to my chest. The hair loss started when I was 13-14. My hair is not damaged. I do not wash my hair very often only twice a week and I let it air dry. I curl or straighten my hair once a week. This worries my very much. Please help! Thanks!

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Answer by Mrs. Bradley Cooper <3
You need to see a doctor.

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