Make sure you assist me!?

Query by Hollywood Star: Make sure you support me!?
I have Alopecia Areata I am lucky i only have two spots properly think about it a single cuz the other 1 is at the bottom and my other hair addresses it anyhow im on the medication crem factor i wanna increase it much more how and wig is out of the question….my father had it and he place a load of junk on his and the very last factor he place on it was foot product lol weird and now he believes that cured it so aid me!but i in no way set foot product so im not unusual and i will never ever place foot cream on my head AT ALL

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Solution by hair_expert
Before you put the foot cream on i would do some investigation on Alopecia Areata. This is a illness that has run through my family. I’m the unlucky one becuase i have the hair pulling dilemma and not alopecia. Alopecia is an concern from the root of the hair, the lotions, shampoos, and other medicnes merely do not operate. I hace 5 female family members associates to confirm it. When you speak of wig are you conversing about the variety you get from the attractiveness provide store? or are you talking about the lace wigs? myself and my 5 family members associates all purchase our wigs from, so if you will not want to dress in a single simply because of how it appears…I would try out this website becuase thier wigs just will not seem like the sort you find in a shop. I would like you all the luck in the world on solving your deimma.

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