Male seeking for hair straightening merchandise?

Issue by avillax: Male seeking for hair straightening merchandise?
I received curly hair and I want to straighten it or make it much less curly morel like wavy, and I am a person.

I also am balding norwood 1, So getting perm and using flat iron is a no no.

But what creams or shampoos or whatever could I use to make it wavier or straighter as an alternative fo curly?.

I go through about a product curlaway but I will not know how great it is, and if there is one thing far better. In addition to men with balding are not intended to mantain a clear scalp in buy to steer clear of hair decline.

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Answer by leonardo6667
i dont know i assume this so great its not inappropriate for me

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  1. I use Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner.
    I think there are straight creams available that “claim” to make hair straighter.
    But I think getting your hair Japanese straightened, getting it relaxed, or using a flat iron are the only ways to go.

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