Mange and ringworm photos look equivalent how do I know which 1 my kitten has?

Issue by Katie: Mange and ringworm pictures appear identical how do I know which one particular my kitten has?
I have a 6 7 days aged kitten that we rescued about a 7 days and a 50 percent ago. Just in the previous two days she has created a patch of hair reduction and flaky skin. When I looked at images of Mange and ringworm they appear idenical. Does any individual know any other symptoms such as bizarre habits or everything to support me make a appropriate prognosis so I can figure out what I need to have to do subsequent.

Extra data-
I also have 2 puppies I have held the kitten from them for the most part but I believe they have experienced some contact in the previous 7 days.

Best solution:

Solution by CannedUs
Just take her to the vet they are professionals and will give you the analysis and the remedy. Be a responsible pet owner.

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  1. That is what a Vet is for. All pets should go to Vets to be examined as both spread quickly. YOU don’t do aything next, except take to Vets. Skin scrapings have to be examined under a microscope to see which one the animals have. And only the Vet can give proper treatment.

  2. Take her to the vet. The treatments are totally different – mange is caused by a mite, and ringworm is a fungus. The vet can culture for ringworm and do skin scrapings to look for mites. To you, they are identical but not to the trained eye. Ringworm is extremely contageous in puppies and kittens (and some humans). Both need treatment though. Call the vet this morning. In a young kitten, with their immature immune system, ringworm can spread from a patch or two to all over pretty quickly.