Mother is lacking a small patch of hair on the again of her head? What could it be?

Question by BlueWorld: Mother is lacking a small patch of hair on the back again of her head? What could it be?
It is a pretty evident bald location on the back again of her head. All the hair is absent. It truly is diameter is about 1/two”. She’s 50 many years old and has been a smoker her whole lifestyle. What the hell could it be? I am concerned that her smoking cigarettes is catching up to her.
Thanks for the aid! I’m happy this most very likely just isn’t a really critical issue. My Mother has excellent information of health care conditions, so I believe in that she’s on leading of it. Thanks once again.

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Solution by jennyf
A modest patch that is isolated could be:
-alopecia areata (most probably, particularly if there is a heritage of other autoimmune situations in her or other loved ones member, can sometimes be helped with regional steroid injections)
-fungal infection (eg. tinea)
-traction/trauma, from elastic bands or ball caps for illustration
-specific prescription drugs can result in hair reduction, though this is unlikely to happen in one particular isolated location
-telogen effluvium (a extravagant title for what happens about two-three months after you have had a significant infection or trauma or body pressure…the body shuts down unimportant factors throughout the stress, like producing hair, and about 2-three months later you begin dropping heaps of hair…once more, normally all more than and not just in one particular location)

Hope you discover what you are hunting for in one of these opportunities. You can look up most of these situations on e-medication, or wikipedia, and your mom must go see a doctor if it is receiving even worse.

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