Must I explain to him now?

Query by Hannah: Must I inform him now?
To get this out of the way:
I have Alopecia Areata, a skin condition where my hair falls out. Currently I am entirely bald, but people can’t notify due to the fact I wear a wig.
This is the place issues get tough:
Me and my bf have been relationship and he states that he has advised me almost everything about him and that he hoped i did that very same, but i failed to i in no way instructed him i was bald. (it has ruined some of my other relationships) we have been courting for a three months need to i inform him? when is it a very good time to tell him?

Very best solution:

Solution by daily life mentor
Just inform him now. Be make a difference of reality. If that ruins the relationship, be glad you discovered out now. He would not be well worth obtaining.

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