My 3rd update on Alopecia Areata Universalis.

This is an additional update on how my Alopecia is doing. I have been not too long ago been advised that my treatment which is immunotherapy that I am allergic to it so it’ll wo…
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  1. MiMi Michele Damara

    hey wango shut your piewhole i think its sweet he has a support system if
    they are gay whats it to you its 2014 back off.

  2. fredycrush

    Why u dont look for contact hair skin

  3. seb hiro

    be strong my brother, I had the same thing as you, I’m with you <3

  4. Andras ronai

    I started using Argan Life Shampo about a month and a half ago. I was very
    skeptical at first but now I see the results. When I would shower I would
    see some hair in and around the drain. I would also have hair on my hand.
    Now the fallen hairs have been greatly reduced! I will order again.