My Alopecia Areata Story

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  1. TheKatia2bfree

    Thank you for your video! It’s good to know I’m not alone.. already lost
    most of my hear in the last 6 month, it wig time for me ):

  2. Elle Woods

    thank you for sharing in 30 and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago so thankful to
    find your video my spots are in the front and its getting hard to cover and
    i am so confused about getting a wig, thanks o much, how do I know if my
    alopecia will get worse…..the steroid creams are not working and it gives
    me headaches..

  3. AlopeciaAreataCommunity

    Hello sunshineflower,

    Would you be willing to upload your video to the Alopecia Areata Community

  4. Alexander Sophia

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    nlife. products there is clear evidence that hair is growing. It is light
    in color and kind of thin, but hair it is. miracle! 

  5. Theodore

    I have been suffering frontal hair loss for two years, I bought argan life
    products. Although it’s not intended for frontal baldness. However, since I
    started using it, my hair loss got reduced like 80%, so this product is
    helping me to keep my hair where it belongs a bit longer. 

  6. Harris Wisa

    Due to a alopecia areata I have been losing my hair slowly for some time. I
    wanted a product that could help make a difference. I’ve been using arga
    nlife hair products for about a month now and noticing difference. I would
    recommend you visit arga nlife