My Alopecia Areata Tale

Me chatting about my alopecia story… Sorry this video is so long my other movies will not be like this. p.s bloopers comming shortly 🙂
Video Score: four / five


  1. Muhammed Shakeel

    hi… I m from India and my cousin is having this alopecia.. He is 17 now..
    He is almost bald now but there are some patches.. And I hope he will get
    better.. His father had this .. Its kind of hard on him.. Idk what to do..
    Although u look beautiful Jasmine.. M not kidding,. I really wanted to say
    this.. Hope u r doing great .

  2. Abigail Caveney

    I had Alopecia Areata last year (13 years old) and it was at the front of
    my head. It started falling out when I brushed my hand through my hair. I
    had to go to the doctors several times before I was diagnosed. They gave me
    a couple of formula’s to use but my hair had already started growing back.
    It then turned into a big mess on top of my head which looked like a load
    of spikes. My hairdresser cut it and styled it into a fringe. I did have to
    keep making sure I straightened it to make it look more like a fringe. It
    now looks absolutely normal and, even though I hate my hair, at least I
    look better than I did!

  3. J Jalbert

    Thank you so much for sharing.. I’m very glad I am facing this now in my
    20’s than when I was in high school , because yeah kids suck.. Haha just
    jokes, but you know what I mean! You’re gorgeous by the way.. Love your eye


  4. I have had aa for 5 months and still adjusting, I’m 22 female. Had a guy
    call out from his car window at me profanitys that I won’t repeat here
    about my bald head. I have one Side with some hair and the other shaved. I
    got hot wearing my hat so took it off. Big mistake. So I get what you mean
    about people being mean and bullying. I find it so hard wish people
    wouldn’t stare and would just come ask me as you said ” why dont you have
    hair ” thank you for your videos they make me smile , shared the ten things
    we can’t do on fb. Hope to see some new vids soon. 

  5. Greta Kooistra

    I got it last year and now I am completely bold. But I am 61 and lived a
    great deal longer with my (not so beautiful 🙂 ) hair. I am very sorry for
    you, but you are a truly beautiful person and I wish you all the best and
    lots of strength. Thank s for the video!

  6. Tricia Yawata-Manell

    thanks for posting this… my 9 year old just got diagnosed with Alopecia
    Areata… and just trying to figure it all out…and trying to make it
    easier for her… 

  7. Faisal Karim

    Hey Jasmine, I am having alopecia since 7 years. I am 18 now and I’ve been
    bullied a lot as well. Now I shaved off my head and I don’t give a Fuck
    what people talk about me. Keep smiling girl, you’re really beautiful ❤❤❤

  8. maggie zingale

    I had it. And most of my hair fell out. Thank you so much for making this
    video :)

  9. Stefano Thomasina

    I have a huge patch on the front of my head

  10. Sirlie08

    You are beautiful! Why would somebody bully you? :OOO

  11. ian braman

    I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata Universalis at age 4.