My Canine is Dropping Patches of Fur?

Problem by H.B.I.C.: My Pet is Dropping Patches of Fur?
Currently I have been noticing my pet has been dropping fur previously mentioned her stomach and on her underarms. And patches on her chest and arm. What is wrong with her? Was it the salt that was employed for the snow? Mange? Alopecia? I have transformed her shampoo to A Purina Oatmeal primarily based shampoo. I just really require assist. 10 factors for greatest answer.

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Response by zoe1594
this occurs to my black lab every single summer since of his dry skin, but with my pet it is really seen as to what it is and I also use the oatmeal shampoo. If factors don’t get much better I feel I would permit a vet search at it. Your pet might have an allergy or pores and skin infection.

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