My cat has hair decline on the suggestions of his ears?

Concern by Maggie’s Doggie Mother: My cat has hair loss on the suggestions of his ears?
I have an appointment to get my cat to the vet this afternoon, but in the meantime, I was asking yourself if anyone had any feelings on this…My cat has hair decline on the outer tips of his ears. It is possibly a half an inch prolonged and only a couple millimeters vast. The pores and skin is purplish. He is a completely within cat and he is my only cat. Could this be ear mites? A good friend mentioned that ear mites are only on the inside of ears.

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Response by Rainbow
Your buddy was right about the ear mites only being on the within of the ears. Your cat could probably have mange, which is not considerably to fret about simply because it is curable.

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  1. It could be ear mites. But since I’m not there to tell you for sure, better be safe and get her checked out by a professional. Hope this helped 🙂

  2. Mites can cause this, also different biting bugs if your cat is outdoors. The vet can give you an ointment to put on the ears.