My Cat would seem to be enduring some hair loss about the opening to her ears? Any suggestions why?

Question by Mr. Atoz: My Cat appears to be encountering some hair decline close to the opening to her ears? Any ideas why?
My four 12 months previous cat seems quite wholesome, but I just observed that she looks to have a small bit of hair decline close to the opening to her ears. Could be from scratching, but I am not sure.

Any ideas why this may possibly be taking place?

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Response by Tania
could be earmite……

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  1. She can have some of mine, as I am experiencing hair growth in the ears, unfortunately.

  2. crystal e

    my cat had the same problem i know yours is a little younger then mine was at the time but it could be the same problem.. the vet told me she had something called hot spots. do you notice her rubbing or scratching her ears alot? it might even be that she has ear mights or very dirty ears so she is tryong to clean them. or maybe her hearing is staring to go and she is playing with her ears because of that… so to some it up i would check out these three things HOT SPOTS, EAR MIGHTS (cleaness) or possibly HEARING.
    hope that helps some

  3. every cat iv had has scrached at their ears with or with earmights when they scratch they loose hair