My chihuahua is getting rid of tiny chunks of hair?

Question by MON: My chihuahua is shedding modest chunks of hair?
My chihuahua is about 5 or six several years aged (he has about 35% grey hair-and shelter never ever knew how outdated he was precisely) and he is shedding small chunks of hair about one/four inch and has bumps on those places. I have not genuinely changed their diet so I will not know if this is owing to age? But he has also gotten some form of crust on the sides of his mouth ahead of and swollen paws with bloody claws. The vet has presented him antibiotics but it only goes absent while the drugs lasts.

Any ideas as to what it may be?

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Solution by Hi there kitten
he is almost certainly acquiring aged and chihuahuas usually get rid of so don’t fear about it.

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