My cute minor puppy has a cough, i need to have aid!?!?

Question by xlaurenk: My cute tiny puppy has a cough, i need to have assist!?!?
My pom is 3 a long time aged and suffers from alopecia x and epliepsy. He at present is suffering from a dry hacking cough and I am actually anxious about him. He’s experienced the cough for about a working day now. I strategy to get him to the vet as shortly as they open up on monday but are there any house remidies any individual is aware of? I’d truly enjoy the help if anyone can believe of something.
many thanks.

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Reply by Michael S
Absolutely nothing to fret about. He has Kennel Cough, it really is like the canine equivilant to a common cold. Time will recover it and will not physical exercise him too significantly while he is recovering.
Take him to the vet to be certain it really is kennel cough and nothing else they’re going to give you some antibiotics.

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