My dachshund has a bizarre patch of hair?

Concern by Brittana: My dachshund has a unusual patch of hair?
My wire haired dachshund is typical in every single way (and is about to be a daddy!). However, he has one particular quite odd patch of hair on the quite best of his head! It appeared when he turned about 1 12 months old, seemingly out of nowhere. All the hair on the rest of his body is the standard, sort of coarse fur you would expect. He has one particular area on the flat of my head that is about the dimension of the pad of my thumb that is silver, exactly where the relaxation is black. It is extremely soft and much lengthier than the rest, and sticks straight up! It is quite adorable and tends to make him appear amazingly silly. It doesn’t look to be tender or anything, and I can detect not scar tissue or everything when I touch him. I was just asking yourself about what may well have caused it.
Thank you so considerably for your answers. I do not think he has ringworm and I have had him considering that he was a pup, so as considerably as I know he’s never ever banged his head or anything at all that could have harm him there. In any case, he is getting a checkup up coming 7 days along with my pregnant dachshund, so we will absolutely get it seemed at whilst we are there to make certain almost everything is all right. As for baldness, I suppose he’ll just be a brother in arms (and probably bald spots) to my spouse.

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Solution by mauveme49
An damage which damages the hair follicles could lead to the type of point you are looking at, It could even have been induced by ringworm.

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