My dog has patchy hair reduction on his muzzle and more than his eye. Any Suggestions what this could be?

Query by Josie: My pet has patchy hair reduction on his muzzle and over his eye. Any Ideas what this could be?
My 5 thirty day period aged male pit bull puppy has some hair loss above his remaining eye and on the remaining facet of his nose on his muzzle. There is no scaly or crusty pores and skin, nothing that seems menacing aside from the hair decline alone. Anybody have any concepts as to why this is going on and what I can do about it? Thanks in advance!

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Answer by gatorgirl
Most probably,its a fungal infection that can be taken care of with medicated shampoo.

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    at night it runs and gets some scissors from the draw and cuts its own hair off nd feeds it you in your sleep

  3. This sounds as though it may be Mange. It’s a skin condition caused by tiny mites, and patchy hair loss usually starts on the muzzle, head and/or front legs. Pitbulls and some other bully breeds seem to be especially predisposed to this problem.

    It can be diagnosed by your vet if he takes a small skin scraping (that won’t hurt your pup) and looks at it under a microscope. Mange can usually be treated quite simply, either with special dips, or shampoos.

    I’d recommend getting your pup looked at by your vet asap because the sooner you get a diagnosis and treatment started the more quickly it will clear up. Good luck.